Puppies have three injections, usually started at 8 weeks and given 2 weeks apart. This is to ensure that they are fully protected before going out in  public areas such as parks where they may have contact (either direct or indirect) with un-vaccinated animals. Your dog will then need an annual booster to keep their immunity up to date.We use Nobivac DHP, L4 and KC to ensure maximum coverage possible.

Our puppy vaccination consults are a great opportunity for one of our vets to give your puppy a full health check and to discuss other important health issues such as parasite control and neutering. A nurse will then spend time with you and your puppy discussing everything from feeding to insurance.

1st Vaccination & free ‘Cuddle Consult’2nd Vaccination (included in price)3rd Vaccination (included)
From 8 weeks of age2 weeks after first vaccination4 weeks after first vaccination
We routinely vaccinate puppies and adult dogs against the following diseases:


A viral infection which can cause a variety of signs such as fever, pneumonia, vomiting, diarrhoea and fits.  This virus is now rare in the UK thanks to widespread vaccination of dogs.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis

A viral infection which can cause death very quickly.


A bacterial infection that can cause kidney and liver failure. Can also infect humans (zoonotic).  This pathogen is widespread in the UK and is carried in the urine of rats and other dogs.


A viral infection which causes painful severe bloody diarrhoea and death.  Treatment can be successful, but it requires hospitalisation on a drip and a lot of TLC. It is highly contagious and persists in the environment.  Sadly this virus can be fatal despite intensive treatment.


A viral infection which causes respiratory disease.


 Adult Dogs

  • We recommend annual booster vaccinations to keep your dog’s immunity against these killer diseases strong. Your pet will be given a full health check by a vet as part of their annual check-up.
  • At Nine Mile, we do not vaccinate against all of the diseases every year - following the initial course your dog will receive the full vaccine every third year, and only the Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza vaccines every year. This is because it has been shown that immunity to Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Distemper can last for 3 years, whereas immunity to Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza only lasts for a year. 

Kennel cough

  • We also recommend vaccinating puppies and dogs each year against Kennel Cough.
  • Kennel cough has a misleading name - your dog does not have to have had a stay in kennels to be infected. Any dog meeting other dogs socially can contract this infection; we therefore advise vaccination against the most common causes of kennel cough (bordatella bronchispetica and Parainfluenza) yearly in all dogs, especially those going to dog shows, doggy day-care, dog walkers, puppy school or agility and flyball events.
  • We currently offer discounted Kennel Cough vaccination for pets coming in for annual vaccination. Call your local Nine Mile Group clinic to make an appointment today.
  • Kennel cough vaccination is included in the Healthy Pet Club
 Vaccine Serology

  • Routinely we recommend yearly vaccination, however it is possible to perform a blood test to establish what level of immunity remains from some of the previous vaccinations.
  • If this is of interest please call to enquire about performing this.
  • Please note that performing the blood test is significantly more expensive than routine booster vaccinations.
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