Managing Normal Puppy Behaviours
Donít get angry if your puppy displays any of the natural behaviours below, which may be annoying to you but are instinctual to them. Unless you have adopted a puppy for breed specific purposes it is advisable to discourage your puppy from exhibiting these behaviours at an early age:
Play Biting
Your puppy will have started to learn about play biting from their mother and siblings whilst playing with them. They learn that if they bite too hard it can have consequences. In order to continue teaching this lesson to your puppy you can imitate a yelping sound when your puppy bites you. The noise will startle them and make them realize that they hurt you. When your puppy submits and becomes calm you can then provide them with an alternative toy to bite and chew. Your puppy needs to learn that any play biting towards humans is not acceptable and this behaviour must be stopped as it can lead to them nipping.
Most dog owners will be able to tell the story of how they left their puppy in the house and when they returned their puppy had chewed a valuable possession! If you donít want your puppy chewing your household items provide them with a daily walk before you leave them, to exercise the mind and body so they do not have pent up energy. Give them a calm but confident correction (form a claw shape with your hand, keeping your fingers strong and give a firm touch to the side of the neck) when you catch them chewing something you donít want them to and always provide them with an alternative object. A great chew toy that will keep them occupied for hours is a Kong stuffed with honey or peanut butter.
If you catch your puppy digging anywhere that is not acceptable, give a calm, confident correction and provide an object as a distraction or alternative activity.
Barking is a dogís way of communicating happiness, danger or playfulness. Some owners will not mind a barking dog but if you do, give a correction immediately they bark to teach your puppy that barking is not acceptable.
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